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"Individual change compels systemic change"

- Jonathan Safron Foer



7.58 Billion people around the world.

Countless factories and industries are dependent on fossil fuels.

Every car ride, steak bite, and new pair of jeans contribute to it.

Climate change is an overwhelming challenge.

Our consumption is the main contributor to global warming that we can control.

Find products and brands that cut your footprint. 

Beyond Meat’s mission is to find a better way to feed the planet by shifting from animal to plant-based meat.  

Meat production is a major contributor. 

With Beyond Burger, you can enjoy a burger and know you did your part! 

Go Beyond.

Social: Instagram - Animated Infographics

We found the relevant facts and created messaging that could reach people. 


No one person can solve this problem, but each of us can do something.

By breaking down the problem to bite-sized pieces.

Stunt - Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Depicting a size of what 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide equivalent looks like helps a person realize the severity of CO2 emissions in all of its forms and shapes.

1 ton of CO2

In fact, each bite we take is an opportunity to act, to take a step toward cutting out emissions.

Social: YOUTUBE Pre-Roll

Posing thought-provoking questions 

Stop thinking of the solution as going from 100 to 0,

cutting down your carbon footprint by 30, 50, 70% can make an immense difference.

APP: My Environmental Footprint

How-It-works (app flow) 

Let My Environmental Footprint help!


My Role: Conception, Pre-roll Mock-up, Animated Infographics, Stunt Mock-up,  Co-created App flow

The Team: Akin Adobe (CW), Cody Colvin (CBM), Salomé Guruli (AD), James Ryan Realubit (XD), Christopher Suarez (STG),

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