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The Team - 

Salome Guruli (AD) - Cinematography, Co-directing, Editing, Color-Grading. 

Mila Wizel (AD).  Yotamn Ohayon (CW).  Tarik Atallah (CW)

Narrated by Upasti Basappa (CW)


We Wear The Mask


A visual story and mood piece narrated to a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar. This short film highlights the struggles of those who live with depression – and those who have become too good at hiding it.

The Team - 

Salome Guruli (AD) - Conception, Co-Directing, Editing, Color-grading, Talent.

Shelby Bass (AD).  Funmi Adejobi (CW)   Nick Garfield (CW)

Scream-Fest Horror Film Festival

"Nightmare Enthusiasts Welcome"

Do you love nightmares? So do we...

Don’t miss out on ScreamFest, the most horror-filled event of the year! You’ll never sleep the same. 


Virginia, US


Falling pedals photo animation.

Roundhouse, UK


Seeing Patterns animation.

Half Moon Bay, CA


Photograph animation.

Santa Cruz, CA



Photograph animation.

Logo Animations

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